Saturday, 14 October 2017


On this occasion I want to share Tutorial, I will give two methods in installing Live Chat Zopim, That is by using Plugins and without using plugins.
Zopim dashboard
Zopim dashboard


The important factor you need to do is to visit the Zopim site here. and Do the registration first by clicking the sign up button in the top right, you will be prompted to enter the user name and email. and click on "Sign up for Free Account".

Please check your email, there will be new email from Zopim and do verification.then you will be taken away where you are told to enter Password, Company Name and number of employees. then click the Save and Go to Dashboard.

Now you are taken to Zopim dashboard page, After that you are told to complete the information and told to copy script embed zopim live chat. Or you can take the script in the widget section.embed script zopim wordpress Once you have done the script copy, now you go into your wordpress admin and go to Appearance -> Widget, grab the text widget and drag and drop in the sidebar, then paste the embop zopim code, then save. and see your wordpress site, then there will be a live chat zopim as below.

zopim live chat displayYou can set zopim live chat in zopim dashboard, you can change online status, live chat color, position, width and so on. See the picture below.

INSTALLING ZOPIM LIVE CHAT WITH PLUGINSTo install zopim live chat with plugins all you have to do is to install zopim live chat, you can search in add new plugins by typing "Zopim Live Chat", after meet do install and activate, after that you will find new menu zopim in your Dashboard sidebar.

wordpress dopboard menu zopimAccount Setup: Used to register, and if you already have a zopim account you just enter the email and password to sync your site with zopim.Customize: Used to set the look of zopim, many changes you can do here.