Tuesday, 10 October 2017

How To Easily Post Articles in WordPress Through Email

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Many facilities for WordPress users, then be proud. Because a lot of advantages of wordpress, and also a lot of plugins that support it so that wordpress into CMS is really powerful, one of them is you can post new articles via Email.
In order for you to post via Email you have to do is to install Jetpack Plugins, Plugins Jetpack is a Plugin that has a lot of features, One feature that I will discuss is Post By Email.Here Post Via Email Tutorial:1. Install and Enable Jetpack2. Go to Jetpack menu -> Settings3. Find Post By Email and Activate4. Log in to your User, and activate Post By Email to get generate Email address.5. Then login to your email, and Try Make a post via email, by sending to email address that you generated earlier.post by email 26. After you send then check your blog, and see the results. because above I give the pending status then the result as below.
List of Shortcodes:Here are some shortcodes that you can use for Jetpack post By Email, such as filling tags, categories etc.
[title of your post title] - You can also set the post title in this way.
[slug url-name] - post slug URL name.
[category x, y, z] - specify post category. If the specified category does not exist, WordPress will automatically create a new one.
[tags x, y, z] - tagged the post.
[excerpt] some excerpts [/ Excerpt] - Cut out post citations.
[delay + 1 hour] - postpone time delay. This will automatically post in the schedule.
[comment on | off] - allow or disallow post comments.
[Published status | pending | draft | private] - specifies post-publishing status.
[password secret-password] - set password for posting.
[more] - divide the post, showing only the first part of the post.
[nextpage] - divides post to page