Sunday, 19 November 2017

7 Tips to Speed Up Wordpress

WordPress is the best platform for creating websites, blogs or online stores or sites for your different types of business. I also use WordPress in building my blog. No doubt WordPress is the best platform because many users from around the world drop their choices on WordPress.

WordPress also very often update to update the system either from coding or from both the back end and front end interfaces. In this article I will give a wordpress tutorial that will help your site have a better speed when loaded. Before you read how to speed up loading wordpress becomes faster. You should know in advance about the benefits of having a fast website.

Why Loading Website Should Be Fast?

Optimasi Permorma Wordpress
Optimasi Performa Wordpress

 Website is a service for visitors, visitors come to look for something that is on your website, but if your website is slow in loading even very slowly then automatically the visitor will feel annoyed and immediately go and look for other websites or blogs that have more loading fast.

Do you want that to happen to your site, if you use your website or blog as a business medium? of course not.

 Another important reason why websites should have fast loading is in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), website speed is very influential in improving one page SEO website or your blog in search engines. Because Google and other search engines also include the website loading speed in its algorithm to rate the website in the Rank Improvement in search results from a web or blog.

Here How To Increase WordPress Loading Speed?

 I guarantee, if you apply some of the following tricks on your WordPress website or blog, it will drastically speed up your site. WordPress is always developed to have a fast loading, but with some tips and tricks below will certainly increase the speed of your WordPress site many times.

 1. Choose the Best Hosting

 Use the best hosting service for your WordPress website, because if you use a good hosting, of course the speed of your website in access from any country will still provide fast loading. I personally never experienced this, where I chose hosting wrongly, of course local hosting hell 🙁. and because of my hosting mistake this blog can not be accessed outside Indonesia, and if the article in share on facebook also can not display thumbnails.

 And after that I moved International hosting on Ipage, really excellent service, unlimited hosting and bandwidth also unlimited, with affordable price and Free domain too.

If you want to use hosting service on Ipage you can register here. Or you can choose one of the best hosting services here »10 Best and Cheap hosting services.

 2. Use Lightweight WordPress Theme

 You can find whether it's a free or paid wordpress theme, search for a really light, responsive and SEO friendly theme. In my blog also provides a lot of free wordpress themes for you to download, please select and search for WordPress themes that have fast loading, do not worry because the source of the theme I publish most of the official WordPress directory and from the famous WordPress theme developers. Download Free WordPress Theme

3. Use Plugins for Cache

 Use Plugins to save Cache from your website or blog, you can use the W3 Total Cache plugin or Wp Super Cache, with this plugin the speed of your website or wordpress blog will automatically become fast. If you do not like complicated plugin settings then I suggest to use WP-Rocket plugin, WP-Rocket caching plugin is not free but has a very extraordinary advantages, I personally also use this plugin for caching blog centerklik. You can read more in my article WP-Rocket Best Cache Plugin to Speed ​​up WordPress.

 4. Optimize images (automatic)

 Yahoo! has an image optimizer called that will drastically reduce image file size, while not reducing the quality.

 However, if you do compress image for each picture I am sure you will be tired, and very time consuming.

 And lucky with the WP SmushIt plugin that will do this process for all your pictures automatically. So, there's no reason for you not to install this one plugin.

 5. Optimize Homepage

 This is not one thing but really some easy things you can do to ensure that your site load loads quickly, the homepage part is the most important part of your site because your visitors will most often access this section.

 Things you can do include:

     Show only quotes instead of full model posts

    Reduce the number of posts on the front page (I like to show between 8-10 posts)

    Remove unnecessary widgets on your website or blog

    Remove inactive plugins and unnecessary widgets

    Create a minimalist, because your visitors come for content, not to see widgets.

Overall, a clean and focused homepage design will help your page not only look good, but also load faster.

 6. Optimize WordPress database

 I definitely get a lot of usage of the word "optimize" in this post! To do this you can use the WP-Optimize plugin. This plugin lets you perform just one simple task: optimizing your database (spam, post revision, drafts, tables, etc.) to reduce overhead on your wordpress database. This plugin is free and really helps you in database optimization. But if you use WP-Rocket paid plugin, then you no longer need to install this plugin because it already has this feature in it.

7. Using content delivery network (CDN)

 All your favorite big blogs take advantage of this, Like one of the famous blogs that use wordpress here. how to see it visit the site and right click the picture then view image and see urlnya. TechCrunch is one that utilizes the CDN.

 Basically a CDN or content delivery network, retrieves all static files you have on your site (CSS, Javascript and images etc.) and lets visitors download them as quickly as possible by serving the files on the server closest to the visitor's position.