Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Firefox is a browser that has the most users and is still proven to be the best browser and followed by its nearest browser google chrome browser. I personally am a loyal user of mozilla firefox browser, this browser has a lot of amazing features and add ons to help users surf the internet. Related to firefox browser, this time I will give tutorial how to restore the password stored in Mozilla firefox. Before going to the core of this tutorial, you should first know what the benefits of the saved password feature or save passwords in mozilla firefox.


Password Firefox
Password Firefox

save password mozilla firefox

Firefox has features like other browsers that can store users and passwords of its users, every time you log into various accounts then firefox will automatically provide notification on the top corner to suggest to the user whether to save the user and password to be stored in mozilla firefox, in this browser would be very useful for users who have a lot of user accounts with different passwords, because users do not need to memorize all passwords, and also to avoid users in typing password error, because we know that There are some very sensitive sites if we mistyped the password several times then it could be the site will block our account.


Passwords that you have saved in mozilla firefox are helpful in enabling you to log into multiple accounts without the hassle of remembering passwords again, but sometimes your computer's operating system crashes or mozilla software itself crashes and when you get back and find that all the password you have saved in the browser mozilla firefox has been lost, not only because the system crash but lost password in mozilla firefox also often occur when mozilla firefox is updated to the latest version. And when it's gone you are hard to remember one by one user and password already saved, but do not worry here I will give 2 solution how to restore password already stored in your mozilla firefox.


Restore Password
Restore Password
  1. Type about: config in the address bar mozilla firefox and press enter.
  2. Click the button labeled "I'll be careful, I promise!".
  3. In the search field type: signon.importedFromSqlite and right click select reset.
  4. Then click the Help menu on mozilla firefox and select "Troubleshooting Information" menu, you will be taken to a lot of information that shows the profile of Mozilla firefox browser and click "Show Folder" button in Application Basic. And close your firefox browser.
  5. When you click on Show Folder it will open a new window containing your mozilla firefox profile file, Please find a file called logins.json and delete the file and reopen your mozilla firefox browser and see your user and password are back. To see it you can go to Tools »Options» Security »Saved Password.


  1. Log in your Mozilla firefox Profile folder, to make it easy to go to the folder use the way the first solution was in point three. In the main Folder Profile you will see some files with unique names like the picture below. And look in the profiles folder there are 3 folders with a unique name.profile mozilla firefox folder
  2. If you find more than 1 folder in the profile, then you click the firefox folder, then you will find the file named profiles.ini, open the file and edit Path = Profiles / xxx line, after the italics is the latest profiles folder that you currently use, please replace with second order folder name, eg my current current folder Path = Profiles / 7gzmw50f.default-1436698xxxx I will replace with Path = Profiles / 27d13p3x.default-142328777xxxxx.
  3. Re-open your firefox browser and see if the password you have saved in firefox back again, if it is back then you copy logins.json on the folder you have navigated earlier to your latest folder. And do not forget to restore Path = Profiles / as it was in the profiles.ini file. And please look back, and your password is now back and you can easily log into various accounts via mozilla firefox.

The following are 2 solutions that can help you restore lost passwords in your favorite browser mozilla firefox, Hope this article can help you and useful.