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WordPress Page Id - How Easy To Make Blog Wordpress (Self Hosting)

How to create a blog actually easy-difficult, it depends how your intentions and hard work. If you just want to just have a regular blog then it's easy, but if you want to have a professional blog then you need time and hard work to make it happen.

When you intend to make a blog seriously and confused with what you should do, then here I will answer directly that is "WordPress". With WordPress you can create a professional blog and find everything you will need to complete your blog needs.

Wordpress (Self Hosting)
Wordpress (Self Hosting)
But, if you want to create your own blog to look professional is not as easy as a few clicks, because there are some things you really need to learn and take a little time. However, you do not have to worry about how to learn WordPress because many of the very easy sources you find on the internet that discusses the full range of WordPress from tutorials for beginners to advanced and one of them is the centerklik blog that you are reading this.

Before I continue to discuss this article technically, here I will explain in advance about some benefits of having a blog, it aims to motivate you in doing blogging activities so as not to fail before achieving what you want to achieve.

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Having a blog not only serves as a place to write your personal story, share your experience or share stories from your hobby but more than that. Blogs can improve your ability to write, master SEO techniques, master CMS WordPress, master marketing techniques that can ultimately become a place to start a business that really promises and generate huge income if you are serious.

And it can not be denied that the motivation of most people to become a blogger is money. With blogs you can make money from various sources, including are as follows:

  1. You can provide ad slots for rent or follow CPC advertising programs like Google AdSense.
  2. You can sell various digital (ebook, theme, plugin, software, etc.) and physical products (tshirt, accessories, clothing, etc.) through your blog and even with WordPress you can create an online store easily.
  3. You can become an affiliate marketing by promoting other people's products or services through your blog and earn commissions from such sales (Amazon, affiliate hosting, affiliate themes and plugins, etc.)
  4. You can offer your various services through blogs such as consulting services, blog creation services, SEO services, service services, writing services or product reviews and much more.

Those are some sources you can do to make money from blogs, you can focus on one of the ways you like the most and then you will succeed with your blog and make a lot of money.

But once your blog is so, the most difficult thing to become a successful blogger is to maintain a sense of patience and consistency, because the techniques you can learn quickly but patiently and consistently is not an easy thing. So, before you start to create a blog try to understand that success in blogging also requires patience and consistency that must be maintained. Do not let you expect blogging is an instant way to make money easily and quickly.

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At the opening of this article I have already answered that if you want to create a professional blog then the answer is WordPress. I answer WordPress not only because I personally is a WordPress user but in fact that data already shows that WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world and always developed continuously by following technological developments.

You need to know that WordPress is divided into two namely and, where for you can create a blog through the platform for free both in terms of domain and hosting. Meanwhile, for you can download WordPress files, plugins and themes for you to use in your own hosting.

If you want to create a professional blog then you must use WordPress with your own hosting because with this WordPress you can fully manage your blog, install various themes, plugins and can make various kinds of websites to your liking. Unlike when you create a blog on which because it is a free service then you will be limited by the service, because in nature is riding and it could be if you do not obey the rules of will be deleted your blog, in free blog you can not advertise such as Google Adsense.


As you know above that WordPress is divided into two , and in this article I will only specifically discuss how to create a WordPress blog on their own hosting as it is with WordPress hosting itself is what will help you have a professional blog. Manage WordPress HostingTo create a WordPress blog on your own hosting, before you have to prepare first some things below

  • Nama Domain (ex: 
  • Hosting and 
  • WordPress

WordPress you can download for free through, but because you want to create a professional blog then of course you have to spend a little money to buy a domain and hosting first. 
Get a domain name and hosting you can buy it through i hosting service provider. There are usually several hosting providers offering hosting packages with free domains. Please feel free to find the best hosting services in terms of packages offered, support and excellence in handling the website. 

By choosing the best hosting then this will greatly affect for smooth in your blogging activities, and the best hosting will be supported by a reliable server that is able to run WordPress well so that your WordPress blog can run normally and in access quickly because this is very influential on SEO your blog.